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I nternational ,   I nvestments &   I nfrastructure  


Compelling International is a start-up strategic investments facilitation firm, r egistered in the UK. We are seeking to obtain  a  London Stock Exchange listing in the next couple of years with a target valuation of $200m. We have been steadily moving towards achieving this goal.


We are composed and managed by professionals who each have at least,  16 years top-tier  stock market and investment management experiences gained from  the US, UK ,  the rest of Europe, Asia and Africa.. 


We are therefore genuinely motivated to give excellent services in these markets and countries, and our strategy is to offer our esteemed clients, the most attractive investments , market entry, acquisitions and businesses opportunities available, at the lowest possible risk levels . 


Our current areas of operations are in;


i. Compelling and hugely attractive Physical Assets and Capital Markets Investments [Acquisitions] Advice and Execution.


ii. Effective Community Communications Technology  Investments and Development.


iii. Investment Project Conception and Completion.



1. Our most current investment opportunity is to build and sell 100 luxury apartments 10 minutes from the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. Total investment cost is estimated at a cost of $30m.  We seek a compatible investor for the  initial Planning Permit investment- which is $250K . The return on this is a 2-bed luxury apartment on completion. 


The total investments return on the $3om project is an expected 35% return. 


[For all investment enquiries please contact-]


2. Conducting the  viability  assessment on the introduction of  new  Community Communications Technology product to the UK and European Market. 


3. Conducting the viability research on the introduction of  an Exchange and Free-Trade Facilitation Technology product .



Industrial Scale Construction. UK 100 hectares complex.


 Renewable Energy

Solar & Hydro

Power  200MW - 1,000MW+Construction


Industrial Agriculture Value Chain Offering 


Premium Property Assets

About our specialist areas

Their is only ONE COMPELLiiiNG standard:


Working with world re-known and specialist multinationals in their respective areas of expertise. This is to bring  you, our valued clients the best project  value,  quality and  finish you deserve.  


As an example; in hydro power construction; we currently work with Power China, which has successfully constructed over 100,000 MW  of hydro dams all over the world! One of the top three in hydro power construction in the world.


We additionally  offer intriguing  equity investments opportunities for varying sizes of capital. 

From  $1 m  Equity Investment in a booming  herbal tea company ; 

to $20m, 70 luxurious apartment investments  in a  property development/construction project 1-mile away from the iconic London  Shard & Tower Bridge;  

to offering a 10% ownership at £30m for a stake in an upcoming  most exciting  $600m exquisite commercial and shopping mall development .

Our Mission


Our mission is to help our clients to acquire and/or  develop even the most complex investment at the best price, value and scale. All to time and agreed costs.


Our offering includes but not limited to; 


1. Researching, Sourcing and acquiring highly desirable investment opportunities. 


2. Structuring investments and  projects in the most suitable ways to win the approval of  the necessary authorities.  


3. Helping with the acquisition of the best and most reliable UK professionals to execute and accomplish the project to the highest standard.

Our Vision

To continue to be a number one international UK investments and infrastructure firm that brings the right projects to our cherished clients. By  carefully satisfying the minimal risk, sizes and profitability  targets of  our clients.  


We  are also actively seeking  to increase our offerings in other very important regions and countries, such as in China, North America, South America and Eurasia regions & Russia.



Project and Investment Research Service

Based on criteria provided by the client, we conduct detailed research into best fit investments opportunities. E.g. Highest yielding investment under current political and country risks with the lowest possible betas [real risks]. 


@ £84,000 per annum, we encourage retainerships. 

To be commissioned to constantly research, do due diligence, produce research results and acquire the lowest risk and highest return infrastructure, projects,  businesses and equity investments possible in the country. Focusing on particular high return Industries for clients. For instance in industries and sectors such as electronics retailing, construction financing, social housing, and New Technology Introduction and Market entry.


Project Monitoring Service

As we are very serious about the overall success and immense satisfaction of our clients, we have designed an award winning project monitoring service on your behalf to ensure that projects, acquisitions, investments, property maintenance etc are executed and maintained to the highest possible standards. With Total Trust, Honour, Mutual Respect, Professionalism and integrity being the only standard active. 

Community Relationships Management Service

Community Relationship Management is the "soft" aspect of  Compelliiiing International's  projects, investments and advisory services.


As much of our projects, involves introducing new, better; products, services, and ideas  into our loved society, we are constantly being commissioned by relevant authorities to conduct Community Impact Assessments and Market Research for these new concepts. E.g. Best advice strategy for Electric Vehicle adoption.

100% Project Financing

Possible and Provided by our key international partners for qualified and higher quality developing country projects, eg in Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and Eurasia/Russia

Other New Services

Compelling Consultancies:

Compelling Media and Entertainments:

Compelling Community Engagement Services.


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